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    Question Used IBM Hardware forsale


    Our backup solution (TSM) has been replaced by HP Data Protector.

    We found a company that offers tape buy back. We have over 1000 3592 tapes and they made a nice offer.

    My question would any one happen to know a company or anyone interested in the hardware?

    We have a

    IBM 3494 Tape Library
    with qty 8 3592 tape drivers (3592 J1A fiber)

    Two frames, Primary L12 type frame with a 10 tape loader & 2 3590 tape drives (fiber) with Library manager

    Second Frame, D12 type frame with qty 8 3592 tape drives
    Total tape capacity is 500 slots

    IBM ESS Shark (2105) with an expanison box

    currently has 20TB and its total capacity is 55TB

    This equipment is excellent condition. This equipment is serviced and clean twice a week and has been since the time of purchase.

    I'm the TSM admin for our company, the company outsource majority of the service to another company. That company decided to go with HP Data Protector Their backup solution has some limitation that TSM offers (hands down the best enterprise backup solution on the market) and their having to find other options to meet these limitation. Mainly the MAC servers. Had they include me in their meeting (managment) they wouldn't have these issues. TSM is flexible.

    I didn't see a forum for hardware, please let me know if there's one and i'll create a new post.


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    Do you still have this hardware? If yes, let me know here at

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