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    Default TSM Backup progress check

    Is there any way I can tell how much of a TSM incremental backup job has been completed at a point in time?

    I thought TSM worked out how much had changed before starting the backup so in theory, it should be possible to know how much data there is left to backup at any time.


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    No, TSM doesn't build up a complete candidate list before sending data, it pretty much figures it out as it goes along (I'm not aware that the exact algorithm is published, but I could be wrong) so it can begin sending backup data to the TSM Server as soon as possible.

    We're restricted instead to getting a 'feel' for how far though its backup a client has progressed. As a rough estimate for Backup Archive client sessions, 'show sessions' on the TSM Server will tell you how many new objects have been 'inserted' into the TSM DB at the point at which the command was issued - if you have a gauge as to how many objects such a backup normally inserts then you may be able to get a feel for how far through the backup you are. You can also look simply at the volume of data received with `query session` and calculate from there.


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