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    Default Deduplication not working with standart volumes ?

    Hi tsm´ers

    Im installing tsm 6.2 no a new server. Im used to manage a 5.2 server, where i just use regular volumes placed in different storage pools. I have setup spacetriggers for theese storage pools, and it all works very well.

    Im trying to figure out how to use the new data deduplication feature in tsm 6.2, but as far as i can read from the documentation this can only be done using removable media ? This means now easy management of volumes and spacetriggers and alot of work with labeling virtual tapes etc etc ?

    is there any way to use data deduplication with standart volumes ? and not using file based storage pools.

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    Deduplication is documented as running only with storage pools defined on a file device class. So the storage pool must be sequential and of a type "file".

    Pierre Chapus
    TSM & storage consultant, France

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