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    Default EMC certification is difficult

    EMC certification is difficult for candidates to pass. EMC always change their certification questions.

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    The same thing with TSM and the DMV, and many others I had to take...what's wrong with these people?

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    I didn't think the EMC test was hard. EMC offers a class to prepare you for each of their exams. If you attend the class they cover exactly what is on the exam.

    IBM tests weren't too bad if you work with the product.

    SNIA on the other hand...... those certs were a PITA! I bombed the SCSE exam and I only needed to get a 65%! Instead of asking questions needed for day to day operations as a storage engineer, SNIA asked questions about the most rare one off cases possible.

    Honestly.... after having tgetting 8 different certs.... I don't think any of them were worth the cost of the exam. I wish I would have spent the money on "mastering" books.

    Most Certs aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

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