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    Question Audit Storagepool-Volumes in two runs

    Good Morning everyone,

    i have a question about performing an audit on our storagepool on optical medias in an 3997 Optical Library on several identical machines. Caused by global policys the audit cannot be performed during worktime, so we scheduled the audit to be performed at weekend.

    The problem is, that we have two servers on which, the weekend will not be long enough to complete the whole storagepool. My question is, if there is any way to audit half of the storagepool at once .... or maybe a list of volumes "OPTMEDIA01, ... OPTMEDIA29".

    Thanks in advance!

    TSM-Version is 5.5.2,
    OS is AIX 5.3

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    maybe the:

    .--------FROMDate--=--TODAY-. .-TODate--=--TODay------.
    '-FROMDate--=----date-------' '-TODate--=----date-----'

    options can help you

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