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    Default Snap Restore vs. TSM Flash Copy

    We are planning on upgrading our DS4300 to N3600 and I have someone pitching me snap restore as part of our disaster recovery plan. This is a huge cost for the software and I have read it doesn't work well with TSM. The vendor is telling me that snap restore can eventually replace TSM. Would TSM flash copy do the same on the SAN and is it as pricey? I would appreciate opinions or any recommendation anyone can give...thanks...

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    TSM Flash Copy Manager supports some IBM disk systems with snapshot feature, it's only brings some flexibility to use snapshots, mount this snapshots to mountmachine (another server) and start backups automatically from mountmachine... This is useful when you use ibm disk systems with snapshot features.

    And by the way, it is not possible to snap restore replaces TSM. basically you cannot restore with snap restore "a single file which accidentally deleted 17 days ago" and there is lot, a lot of other reasons...
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    SnapRestore is a nSeries (NetApp) feature capable of reverting volume (or a single file) to the state when snapshot was taken. If you do not have this feature, you have to copy the data from the snapshot (can be time consuming). It is a usefull feature but I do not see how it can replace TSM or how it can be integrated with TSM.


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