I saw your thread and want to request your help on this Avamar for SQL implemnetation can you please help me out on this as we are trying to implement avamar 6.0 with SQL DB we do have around 3000 DB and we need every 6 hour backup of db for t- logs Please help me out.
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We use Avamar product here at the State of Mn..It is a good product but it does have some issues with supporting new levels of operating systems, SQL database levels. What I am trying to say is TSM is usually faster at delivering a backup client that supports newer versions of SQL, Windows, that arrive on the market. The only other issue I have with it is that one datastore as EMC will call it can only handle so much data, and then you have to buy another, but I guess you can compare that too buying more tape and adding an expansion unit onto your library. TSM can definitely hold more data before having to expand it to a new grid. But the dedup on Avamar is better than TSM because I have read TSM does not recommend dedup if you are pumping more than 3 TBs of data a night, not sure if that is true or not because our TSM environment does not use dedup.

I think TSM is the better product but I think since EMC has taken over Avamar it has made some strides. We have had avamar for 5 years One avamar grid only holds about 14 TB of dedup data, but I know EMC datastore might have increased that number. I think dedup is overrated for database backup but who knows its based on the data you are backing up. No matter what I have never seen this Avamar product be able to backup to tape. We do have a primary and a remote site but it is all disk based.

TSM has better documentation, and better scalibility.