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    Post Duplicate 3590 tapes to LTO4

    We have recently upgraded our tape drive from a 3590 to a LTO4. I currently have both tape drives configured on the system and would like to copy mulitiple 3590 backup tapes to LTO4 tape(s). What would be the best way to accomplish this? If this cannot be done, does anyone recommend a company that does this? Thank you.

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    There is no direct way - you have to move the 3590 (marking the 3590 tapes as read only) data to disk and then to LTO4. I believe this is the only functional way to do so.

    Try asking IBM if they have such service but I doubt if this is offered.
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    You define a new pool with LTO4 and either perform a move data on each volume or set the new LTO4 pool as the reclamation pool for the 3590 pool and drop the reclamation threshold to 0 and TSM will move all the data for you.

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    Also make sure you change your existing pool pointing to new storage pool. Another way be that change your each domain policy pointing to new storage pool LTO4, if you are writing directly to tape drive, other wise it will writing to old tape drive and all data will not migrate.

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