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    Default Automatic Backup two Intances of DB 9.2


    I need Help of my problem:

    I Have a two instances of db2 9.5 on same windows machine, with diferente instance logon
    In the System variable have a DSMI_CONFIG, DSMI_DIR and DSMI_LOG define for one instances.

    For baclup, have a defined two scripts, on for instance, two automatic service of windows start with instance user admin (db2bd0 and db2bq0)

    On the automatic backup the tso services is Ok, but the backup only save the principal instance of DB2 (db2bd0). The second instance never backuped with schedule.

    its possible two instances bacup on same machine ?
    if yes, qhat the procedures for sucess backup of separated instances ?

    Thns for attention.

    Luiz Carlos.

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    Yes, you can have two backup instances.

    All you need it to is create two TSM backup schedulers pointing to different OPT files.
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    Default Backup two DB instance

    Tanks for reply.

    I have two scheduler with two dsm.opt with same TSM nodename, but the backup DB ("db2 backup database BD0 use TSM") with user DB2BD0 starting service schedule in windows execute backup Ok (Database BD0 in instance DB2BD0), but the schedule started with user DB2BQ0 (Other instance) execute backup of BD0 database instead BQ0 database. The schedule is full functional, but the backup db2 command not Ok.
    The DB2 execute two backup of same instance, and not execute backup o f Other Instance.
    The DSMI_CONFIG is configured in the SYSTEM VARIABLE Windows.
    and only one occurency is permited. The DB2 Engine is part of SAP Instance.

    Any suggestion.....

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