I have 12 db2 databases running on 1 AIX server running AIX 5.3, and NetBackup 6.5.2 as a media server.

The backups have failed for as long as I can remember with error 6 mainly, and some error 800s lately.

I have stopped, and restarted, and a nbrbutil -resetAll.

A typical error is: -

8:08:35.618 [3297480] <16> serverResponse: ERR - server exited with status 800: resource request failed
18:08:35.618 [3297480] <16> CreateNewImage: ERR - serverResponse() failed
18:08:35.618 [3297480] <16> VxBSACreateObject: ERR - Could not create new image with file /DB2/DBNAME/node0000/20090915180809/DBNAME.0.db2inst0.node0000.1057.20090915180809.1.
18:08:35.618 [3297480] <8> close_image: Session being terminated abnormally, cleaning up.

Where should I be looking - I have enabled - bpdb2, bphdb logging as well.

Any help would be welcome.

Many Thanks in advance.