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    Default TSM and SQL 2008 using Enterprise Encryption

    Anyone know if the TDP for 5.5 supports SQL 2008 when the DB is using enterprise encryption? If so how is does the encrypted DB affect the TDP and its performance? Is the data sent to TSM encrypted? I figure it isn't but not sure. I don't see anything in the 5.5 manual and google searches aren't getting me far.

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    From what I've been able to determine, the TSM client/TDP client will pull the data through OS/App API and send to TSM in the clear. Same thing happens when you use drive encryption at OS level. I know it's pretty easy to do client encryption with BA client, not sure what's involved with the TDP packages. I would imagine decrypting stream from DB to TSM API then reencrypting to TSM server would slow things down quite a bit.

    I've spent last several weeks testing various encryption methods (AME, LME so far) with potential need to start testing client based. I'll know more on this myself in another month or so.
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