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    Default Networker vs. TSM data-size comparison?


    If you are backing up a client in TSM. With a specific growth. let's say 10% per month.

    TSM backs up the client with just incrementals. 30days savetime

    And then start backing up the same client to networker. with 1full per month and rest incremental. also 30days sametime

    so the difference is that networker does it's 1full per month rest inc vs. tsm doing its incremental forever.

    How big is the difference in backupsize after lets say 1year time in data-stored on the "backup-server"... after moving to networker. if you try to estimate. or do you have any good idea how to test/calculate the difference.

    networker will have more data because it does it's one full per month.

    but with what factor will it be bigger. 100% bigger. 50% bigger..?!?!

    any help is appreciated.


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    Because you picked a 30day retention and you're doing your full once per month, the amount will be almost the same. If you were to keep the data for longer than 30 days or do a full once per week, then Networker would have more data in it.

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