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    Default What is NetBackup for VMware?

    I'm looking for a right solution for my virtual infrastructure (I have NBU Enterprise 6.5 and VI3). I found some documents about NetBackup for VMware. What is NetBackup for VMware? Is it a built-in feature in my NBU Enterprise license? Do Ie need to buy any other license to use NetBackup for VMware (Ie also have NBU Enterprsie Client 6.5 for Linux)?

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    NetBackup for VMware is more an umbrella name. It is the integration with VCB/vStorage (depending on VMware/NetBackup versions). It includes features like VM's auto discovery, off-host backup (done on VCB proxy in fact), granular restore ...

    In your case (VI3), you need to install VCB on a Windows host. Regarding licensing (as of NBU 6.5, changed in NBU 7.0), you need to license 1x Enterprise Client per guest OS type and 1x database / application pack per database and/or application type per VMWare host.

    For instance, let's assume that you have 2 ESX hosts as follows:

    ESX1: 10 windows VM's, 5 Linux VM's, Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server
    ---> 2x Enterprise Client (Windows + Linux), 3x database pack (Oracle, Exchange, SQL Server)
    ESX2: 5 windows VM's, SQL Server
    ---> 1x Enterprise Client (Windows), 1x database pack (SQL Server)

    Note: Database/application pack does not include SAP agent which is licensed apart.

    All that changed with NBU 7.0. It is now 1x Enterprise Client per ESX host + 1x database/application pack (if any database / application running within VM) no matter how many different guest OS or database / application you have running within VM's.

    Regards, Olivier.

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