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    Default DB2 v9.5 Backup using TSM

    Hi All,

    Can anyone point me in the direction please of documentation or how to's for configuring the backup of a DB2 v9.5 database on a windows 2003 server using TSM?
    I have trawled through the IBm redbooks like below:

    Please if anyone has any documentation or if it is the above that I need to follow let me know. A little confusing as I don't know if I am to use the db2 method of backup and let tsm pick this up or just the TSM client?

    Any help much appreciated.

    Cheers - Mass

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    Default Look in the DB2 9.5 documentation

    In the same document that you posted a link to, in the database administration section, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager section, is what you are looking for. The TSM API, which is part of the TSM client, needs to be purchased and installed. DB2 uses its native backup commands and the TSM API to send data to the TSM server.
    Ken Bury
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    Tivoli Request for Enhancement (RFE) site:

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