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    Default NDMP on NetApp / TSM 5.5 / Library Client

    I recently set up NDMP based backups for my NetApp devices using the Filer-to-Server method. While this method is working and is quite clean, many of my NDMP backups are in the multiple TB range, and I would like to use a Filer-to-Library method.

    I have the NetApp zoned to the library, and it can see several tape drives.

    If I define the Nodes/Datamover/Storagepools etc on a Library Client (We use a central shared library manager), how do I define the paths on the library manager?

    Basically the problem I am running into is that if I attempt to define a server/path on the library manager (much as I do for a Lan-Free StorageAgent backup) the library manager will not allow me to define a path with a sourch type of datamover unless the datamover/node are defined on the library manager instance.

    Is there a way around this, or does the entire NDMP config need to live on the library manager? We have no other nodes/domains/storage pools on the LM so it would not be ideal.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I would also be interested in any other NetApp/N-Series NDMP tips anyone might have.

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    Answer to last question is yes - the datamover and NDMP backups are done from the library manager. Since you can't define drives on a library client, you can't define the paths the datamover needs to get to those drives. If you're using TOCs, be sure the library manager has a database with unextended space sufficient for the temporary TOC storage, along with a disk/tape pool(s) to dump those TOCs after the tocloadretention period expires.

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