Hi Guys,

Wondering if someone has puzzled over the best way to approach this one before - I have a customer who is looking to migrate to a new TSM Server platform/install. Alongside the various BA clients, TDPs and even a Windows HSM base on there for which migration plans are fairly straightforward, there is a Commonstore for Exchange install managing about 5TB's of data (from `q auditocc` so includes onsite+offsite). Commonstore for Exchange is perhaps the TSM bolt-on which I've seen least out in the wild.

Has anyone migrated a similar install from one TSM Server to another (different OS)? Obviously, it's critical that no data gets lost as a result of the migration and that access to archived data is maintained as best as possible for users. For the majority of other simple BA/TDP clients, repointing and leaving the old data accessible on the legacy for a period of time is preferred, and with WinHSM we're looking at recalling and re-HSM-ing to the new TSM Server (disk space isn't an issue) but I'm pretty sure that EXPORT/IMPORT and careful planning/scheduling is the only way forward with Commonstore. Any experiences or words of warning from anyone who's attempted anything similar?

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David McClelland
London, UK