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    Default could fastback replace TDP for exchange and allow backupset generation?

    Just had a nightmare, I haven’t had to use backupsets much in the past and now I need to, for an exchange server...
    like many others (judging by the threads) I hadn’t realised that you can't generate a backupset from a TDP for exchange backup on a TSM server. All I could think of was spitting .bak files to disk and backing those up using a standard b/a client, but that isn't an option as I’d need over 2TB of extra disk. Archive, export node and separate node with longer retention are all non-starters too L

    So I’m wondering if fastback might be able to help me out of this hole...
    Does anyone know if backups taken via fastback exchange client to the fastback server can then be backed up to a TSM server as flat files using fastback mount? if so will that then give me a set of files that could be added to a backupset?
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    Yes you can mount the fastback volume and run a TSM backup on it. You are still going to need disk to store the fastback backup.
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    Yes you can do that and it also maintains the backup sets and fast recovery of the Exchange server services and make exchange online in around 1hr if we use the recovery part which is again inbuilt feature makes the taks simple.

    As it is disk based solution recovery gets faster.

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