we want to back-up Oracle using TDPO/RMAN.

TSM Server on z/OS
Oracle + TDPO on HP-UX
Virtual Libraries - CentricStor VTL (connected through FICON to z/OS)
Physical Libraries - SL8500 (connected through FC to HP-UX Storage Agent)

Backup plans:
Backup Oracle redo-logs + controlfile (small amounts) using LAN-based backup to VTL.
Backup Oracle data files (large amounts) using LAN-free Backup to SL8500.

Now to the question/problem. For RMAN to work, I presume we need to use the same and only one nodename for redos and also for data. Otherwise we have to switch between nodenames and RMAN 'crosscheck backup' command will not find data/redos backed-up to a different nodename.

And since we have two different physical destination, I am not sure how to configure the two storage pools for that single nodename.

Any ideas how to do that ? Am I wrong in some of my presuptions ?