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    Default Running HA nodes at different AIX levels.

    Dear All

    My client wants to test their application under AIX5.3, they use the standby node of the production cluster to support the test systems (when it is running as standby). They have come up with the idea of upgrading the standby node to AIX5.3 and leaving the primary node at AIX5.2 ML6. On the face of it I cannot see any problems and IBM suggest that this is a possible upgrade path (i.e. upgrade one node, fail-over to that node and upgrade the other). I have aslo had discussion on courses about running the two nodes at different levels over a period of time if the maintenance window is shorter than the time for two upgrades.

    What do people think?
    Bryan V Hardwick

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    It should work unless it needs to upgrade some of the filesets that HA needs like the rsct filesets. When those are upgraded, it has to upgrade HA as well and you can't (or really shouldn't) have 2 nodes in the cluster running different levels of HA.

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