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    Default tape missing from library volumes list.

    greetings to the forum..

    I am using tivoli storage manager 5.2 level 6.1 and i m currently facing a problem with one of our tapes (A00018L3) that we export on a weekly basis.
    Theres this tape that belongs to a copy stogare pool that i tried to export a few days ago.What i do with all the tapes is that i go through the Copy Storage Pool and through the dropdown "update sequential access volume" i mark the access field of tape as OFFSITE & then i go through the "Library Volumes" select the tape and again from the drop down menu i select the "Check-out volume". The problem with that tape is that it is characterised as OFFSITE but it is still in the machine but it is not listed within the "Library Volumes" menu.When i try to remove it through the command line i get the error ANR8433E CHECKOUT LIBVOLUME: Volume A00018L3 is not present in library 3582LIB. Do u have any ideas as to how to export this tape so that i can properly try and import again?

    This happened because a few days ago while i changed its ACCESS field to OFFSITE and then exported it, it actually exported the wrong tape to me but nevertheless tivoli remove the A00018L3 tape from the library volumes.
    any ideas.. i would be very grateful
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    Try :audit library

    Hope it helps ,

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