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    Default Include / Exclude statement variables

    Is there anyway in an Include / Exclude statement to create a variable for the date?

    For example I have a directory that changes name based on the current date /etc/logs/2008/06/05 and I want to exclude the current day folder and only backup the older files.

    So what I would want is something to the effect of: Exclude.backup "/etc/logs/{get year}/{get month}/{get day}"

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    You could but you would have to script it so it is appended to the inclexcl file before the backups run. So make sure you use an inclexcl file instead of the statements being part of the dsm.sys and use a preschedule command to find the previous statement and remove it, then append that exclude to the inclexcl file. It might be easier to keep a copy of the inclexcl file without the specified statement and daily overwrite the inclexcl file and append that days Exclude.backup

    inclexcl.clean <-without Exclude.backup
    inclexcl.list <-file with Exclude appended and used by TSM for backups
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