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    Post zfs snapshot and snapshotroot

    I'm trying to use option -snapshotroot on a zfs filesystem, tsm client is 5.5.0. 0 and solaris version Solaris 10 8/07.I have a zfs filesystem gipsy/data, mounted on /gipsy/data and create a zfs snapshot.
    # zfs snapshot gipsy/data@backup

    I run a incremental backup
    # dsmc inc /gipsy/data -snapshotroot=/gipsy/data/.zfs/snapshot/backup

    This backup the files in root directory /gipsy/data/, but it doesn't do a recursive backup of directories under /gipsy/data.
    How to fix this? With option -subdir=yes

    I change the command to:
    # dsmc inc /gipsy/data/* -subdir=yes -snapshotroot=/gipsy/data/.zfs/snapshot/backup

    Gives me result
    ANS7527E The (-SNAPSHOTROOT) option is not valid in conjunction with 10 file specifications.

    I have tried a few other things on the same topic, but can't backup a directory structure using snapshotroot and zfs.

    Any ideas or workarounds welcome. Mounting zfs snapshot on a "real" directory?


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