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    Default TSM Database Replication

    Hi folks,

    I am attempting to replicate (manually unless there is a better way/practice?) a TSM database between two TSM servers as one of the TSM servers is much small and uses a TS3200 manual tape library, while the other large one is responsible for the majority of our environments' data and uses FC and a 3584 tape library.

    I have cross-defined the servers and they are able to speak to each other. As I am very new to the technical-know-how of cross-definition and activity between TSM servers concept, I followed the manual's standard procedure to set up communication between the servers and designate a target device class by defining a device class of server. However when I initiate the 'backup db devc=<devc> type=incremental' it results in error with out of storage space and is attempting to write to the archive pool.

    Is there a document that speaks about this topic with clarity that I can read or perhaps a clue as to how this can be performed?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Aaron S.-

    Look for the redbook called "Get More Out of Your SAN with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager"

    You will find lots of useful server to servers communication set up.

    Good Luck...
    Systems Engineering (Storage Administration)

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    Excellent source - thank you!

    I am browsing through and will let you know if I can't find anything on database replication - though I feel confident there will be something in here of similar nature.


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