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    Default Adding remote tivoli

    I want to install a second tape library in my network but at a remote site 3 miles away. I TSM Enterprise extended edition 5.3, running on a IBM P5 box with AIX 5.3, storing to a IBM DS4300 SAN dumping to an IBM L3583 tape library. Presently the diskpool (DS4300) migrates to the ltopool (3583), but I want to setup a second copypool (second 3583 at remote site), and have a second set of tapes created nightly.

    I have the second 3583 library but want design options on how to get the data to it at the remote site. Should I set up a second AIX/TSM system and send data to it over IP? Or can I use Tivoli Express on a MS2003 server box withthe tape library attached? How will any of this affect restoring? Thanks for the help.

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    If the SAN has been extended to the offsite location, just define the second library to the existing TSM server and use it like a second library. If there is no SAN connection between the two, you can setup a second TSM server (platform independent) and use server-to-server communications and virtual volumes.

    The only time you'd have to restore from the offsite library is if the primary library was lost or the data was missing (damaged tape, etc) It would be for DR only.

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    as well keep in mind that you may have bandwidth needs, shouldn't you have fiber connection for the miles away site.


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