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    Default Offsite Storage Pool makes volumes "EMPTY" But does not call them back for scratch

    Hello -

    I have had this problem ever since I restored the database 1 month ago. It used to work just fine but now that when volumes are reclaimed from our offsite storage pools or expired, the voumes turn to a state of "EMPTY" and I have to manually do the command "Move Media Volume = STGPool= montablenotinlib command to put them back into the scratch pool from our offsite location.

    When it was automatic it would put it in the VaultRetrieve Status and not just Empty so when we run out DR process we get no VaultRetrieve volumes to pull back.

    The Reuse delay paremeter is set to 0 which to my understanding, makes them ready for use as soon as they are emptied.

    The Max Scratch Parameter is set to 100 and we currently only have 10 scratch volumes.

    Any help is greatly appricated, I have been scratching my head trying to figure out why it wont do this process automaticlly any more


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    When you restored the DB did you perform an audit every storage pool? Have you tried re-defining the DRM settings? Inconsistencies can arrise when you restore the DB to a point in time and the storage pools have not been audited. That coulde be what is causing the problem. Some of those tapes offsite probably don't register to the DB that they were in use by the copy pool or might show an incorrect data amount.
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