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    Post same file being used by 2 different processes

    I have the same file coming off disk and going two different tape drives. one is migration and the other is the backup storage pool to offsite... this is a 300+gb sql db file on dlt8000 tapes. so which one should I cancel or can both be left going... the only caveat is at some point if the backup doesn't finish the morning jobs don't kick off...


    any thoughts?

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    Ya know both of these jobs are TSM Admin schedules. You dont want to cancel either of them. Migration is going to be used to keep your diskpool at a certain value - pushing data to tape once it meets a certain threshold level. The backup storage pool jobs sends your data offsite.

    I am curious to know where your sql db data is going - to which storage pool - disk or tape? I am assuming you are going to disk first. Or not.?

    Adjust your backup storage pool admin routine earlier on in the evening - give yourself enough time to nightlies to run as before your tape handlers prepare for offsite media movement. Your migration thresholds are at your discretion.

    Let us know
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    How do you know its the same "file" getting a "backup stgpool" and a migration at the same time? Or do you mean same stgpool?

    Anyway, usually its better to let backup stgpools from disk-> tape complete first, then let migrations run after that. This way the backup stgpool can copy from disk to tape rather than having to do tape->tape. You might want to reorganise your admin schedules if you can. Generally your housekeeping will go faster this way.

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