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    Tape Count Required for Offsite Storage

    Lets say I have a primary storage pool with 10 tapes TAPEPOOL1 ( for easy artihmetic).
    Every day the primary pool gets copied to a copy pool COPYPOOL1

    So at this point I have used 20 tapes...
  2. New TS3200 Not Recognized on pSeries Linux

    I have a TSM server that currently has two TS3200 libraries attached via Fibre card that work fine.

    I have been given another TS3200 library that has only a scsi port (no Fibre). I added a...
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    Add new tape Library

    I am having an issue addinga new tape library to my TSM 6.2 server. I am running on pSeries Linux.
    The library is a TS3200 and is connectted to the TSM server via a scsi. The adapter is a duel...
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