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    follow-up: platform names returned by QUERY FILESPACE command

    Thanks, Mark - that is helpful.

    What I am after is list of exact platform names as returned by QUERY FILESPACE command.

    The platform names in "Detailed System Requirements" are in human...
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    List of supported client platforms

    Can somebody point me to TSM documentation listing supported client platforms?

    Client platform is returned for each client filespace by QUERY FILESPACE command. Below is the list of supported...
  3. Some objects of an aggregate aren't found in BACKUPS/ARCHIVE tables

    When querying, in TSM 5.5 (SunOS), CONTENTS and BACKUPS/ARCHIVES tables, I found that for a number of aggregates of a given filespace on a given tape volume, some of the logical objects present in...
  4. How to determine what CHECKLABEL setting was used to check in the tape

    TSM documentation ( uses CHECKLABEL setting to control whether internal tape label is...
  5. "..." in file_name column of contents table caused by invalid, truncated file_hexname

    IBM TSM for Sun Solaris Administrator's Guide explains on page 458, that when hex-encoded name can't be converted "..." is returned:

    "For names that Tivoli Storage Manager is able to partially...
  6. TsmTraceTargetIn_* files in /tmp on Solaris TSM 5.5

    Each time dsmadmc administrative client executes TSM command on SunOS (this is TSM 5.5), an empty temporary file is created in /tmp directory with the name like TsmTraceTargetIn_27885, where number...
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    I was asking about records in backups table, not...

    I was asking about records in backups table, not events.

    There may be similarity as both events table, as backups has state column which accepts the same three values, including UNKNOWN.

  8. shared object_id between backups and archives tables

    Can somebody please answer whether it is possible for a given object_id to exist in backups and archives tables?

    IOW can given object identity be both backed up and archived?

    Also is it...
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    UNKNOWN backup state

    BACKUPSTATE enumeration accepts following three types. When backup state is set to UNKNOWN and what does it mean?

    Thanks in advance,

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    To continue a bit on on the issue of HEX based...

    To continue a bit on on the issue of HEX based filenames in CONTENTS table in TSM tape catalog, I believe that it may represent any encoding of the file name. If given file name on client node was...
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    Ed, I meant character encoding of TSM object...


    I meant character encoding of TSM object names and of file paths.

    When you say Unicode, I assume you mean UTF-8, which is character encoding, while Unicode is encoding standard, supporting...
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    encoding of TSM object names

    As far as I can tell TSM administrative guide doesn't specify encoding of TSM objects and file paths. Neither TSM server option file (dsmsegv.opt) or TSM client options file (tsm.opt) have an...
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    management class of directory

    Management class can be specified for a directory. TSM documentation says that when management class isn't specified for a directory, TSM server chooses for backup operations the management class...
  14. Thank you for feedback. I take it that you...

    Thank you for feedback.

    I take it that you agree that unique management class can also be configured for space management operations and that a given file or directory may have up to three...
  15. Backed up file with multiple management classes

    The fragment at the bottom from IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Windows Version 5.5 seems to suggest that multiple management classes can be in effect for the same file. Consider that file is backed...
  16. AGGREGATED column length changed from 20 in TSM...

    AGGREGATED column length changed from 20 in TSM 5.5 to 3 in TSM 6.2.1. Since 3 is enough to hold 'Yes' and 'No' the effective value of AGGREGATED returned by QUERY CONTENT is determined by other...
  17. TSM 6.2.1.SELECT query on CONTENTS table returns 'Yes' for AGGREGATED column

    SELECT query on CONTENTS table in TSM 6.2.1 returns 'Yes' value of AGGREGATED column instead of actual value, e.g.:

    TYPE: Bkup
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    MB unit in media estimated size

    Estimated Capacity is defined as:

    The estimated capacity of the volume, in megabytes (M), gigabytes (G). or
    terabytes (T)
    For DISK devices, this value is the capacity of the volume.
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    truncated FILE_HEXNAME in CONTENTS table

    When running subquery on CONTENTS table (it's TSM 5.5 server) I noticed that FILE_HEXNAME is truncated for every object in Unicode filespace, none of which have characters beyond 7-bit ASCII. For...
  20. That applies only to change or accept time server...

    That applies only to change or accept time server operation. It doesn't apply to backup times being off as sent in meta-data header of backed up files in an aggregate.

    As for the time zone...
  21. Not if client and server clocks are synchronized....

    Not if client and server clocks are synchronized.

    - George
  22. Last update time is time of last update of volume...

    Last update time is time of last update of volume record(s) in TSM database. Apparently it was updated last time after tape was written to last time.

    I am really after BACKUP_DATE timestamp...
  23. Is BACKUP_DATE in BACKUPS table based on client clock?

    On my TSM 5.5 server installation I didn't find single object in BACKUPS table such that its BACKUP_DATE is *close* to DATE_TIME of any row in VOLHISTORY table.
    I thought that BACKUP_DATE is the...
  24. That is true on conceptual level but on...

    That is true on conceptual level but on implementation level every file belongs to an aggregate.
    Viewed from TSM client perspective, aggregate is transaction unit of limited size (controlled by...
  25. uniquiness of logical file (OBJECT_ID) in aggregates and media

    OBJECT_ID column in CONTENTS and BACKUPS tables identifies logical file stored in an aggregate (AKA physical file).

    My understanding is that logical file can span aggregates (e.g. when its size...
  26. Thanks for feedback. My results differ for...

    Thanks for feedback.

    My results differ for CONTENTS and comply for BACKUPS table:

    Query on CONTENTS table (with WHERE clause on VOLUME_NAME, NODE_NAME and FILESPACE_ID) returns rows of given...
  27. order of rows in CONTENTS and BACKUPS tables and BACKUP_DATE

    I am posting this because TSM documentation is silent on this. Neither did I find an answer in on-line sources.

    CONTENTS and BACKUPS tables are large, JOIN on these tables takes significant time...
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