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    Hi Marc, thanks for your help. The first...

    Hi Marc, thanks for your help.

    The first document I already knew. i ran the steps last week, but only with a minimal reduction.

    Dedup is not in use.

    I´ve opened a support ticket. I'm...
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    Database is getting bigger

    Hi @ll,

    i have a problem with the database on our 6.2.5 TSM Server.

    In the last time, i've deleted backups with 400TB backup volume. File Server, Database... etc.

    But the database becomes...
  3. Restore a specific file type from a file server over all folders


    i habe little problem. On our fileserver have a job all files with the extention .doc deleted.

    Now, i must restore all files with this extension.

    What is the best way for the restore? I...
  4. exclude.dir & include combination does not work

    Hi @ll

    i´m a little bit confused with the include / exclude statement.

    i will backup a fileshare and i need a exlude.dir and a include. But the combination does not work correct.

    I have the...
  5. Thanks for your help. I have two servers. The...

    Thanks for your help. I have two servers. The Libraryserver and the server client. Both are connected about server-to-server-connection. I set up on the Libraryserver only the paths in addition to...
  6. TSM configuration with a shared library - need help

    I don´t understand the configuration for ndmp backup in an environment with a libraryserver.

    Is there anywhere a documentation to configure ndmp backup in an libraryserver environment with a...
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    daily schedule report

    Hi there,
    i need a daily report with the following results:

    Domain, Nodename, TCP_Name, Schedule, last Schedule State.
    If the errorlevel from the schedule is not 0, i need the errormessage or a...
  8. I have found the correct syntax -desc=\'$1...

    I have found the correct syntax

    -desc=\'$1 $2\'

    It works perfect.

    Thanks @ll :)
  9. Hi Harry, it doesn't work correctly. The first...

    Hi Harry,

    it doesn't work correctly. The first variable works but the second and third is without function
  10. how to use some variable for archive description

    Hi there,

    i need a little bit help with the archive description.

    I have some variables that i will use in one description, but it doesen´t works.

    My command: dsmc a /usr/local/bin/...
  11. Hi, thanks for your help. Unfortunately this...

    thanks for your help.
    Unfortunately this select doesen´t work under TSM 6.2. Here the reply:

    tsm: TSM_E1>select occupancy.node_name,nodes.domain_name,occupancy.physical_mb from...
  12. select with total bytes stored, node and domain

    Hi, i need a sql query that contains total space used, node name and domain.

    I can´t find a association between nodes and occupancy.
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    Thanks cjhood

    Thanks cjhood
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    TSM Server Update to

    If i perform a update from to Can i do this directly or is the first step the update to 5.5.2.x

    sorry, my english is not so good, but I'm learning still :redface:
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