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is TSM really the best?

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So the boss now says to evaluate ANNUALLY all of what we use, and provide insight to other products, and why we do NOT use them. I just love micro-management. However, there are a few items with TSM that I have always wondered about. Please address these if you have a way to resolve them, or have found a workaround.

1. When a node is backing up and I have to CANCEL SE for whatever reason: how to know (other than file property inspection or dsmsched.log browsing and guessing) what is left to backup from that node that was missed due to the cancelled session. Is there a way to view the journal logs, or extract the information from the client, since it pre-scanned the filespace and knows what it intends to capture?

2. What is the best reporting tool/dashboard you have used? Most of the built-in stuff is just not good enough. Something to keep the boss happy with pretty information he doesn't understand.

3. Why is this true?: Node connected to T1 circuit with nothing using it except TSM client session doing a backup. No noise on the line, can move data via FTP at good speed. TSM server has only 1 session, and no procs running, quad core proc. Writes backup to tier 1 disk with plenty of performance to avoid bottlenecks. (Migrations zoom from disk to tape.) So....start a backup from ANY version of TSM client (tried them all). Client sends the files at nothing close to the speed it should. Node is also quad core, with no performance hit. I'm not talking about the aggregate speed, either, just plain old backup speed. Please refrain yourself from saying "Defrag". That is not it.


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    Re #3, you need to look at the TCP window size and tune it. The higher the latency on the T1 the larger the window size needs to be. And also consider using resourceutilization at a higher setting so you get more than 1 data streem.