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  1. Q file

    Can anyone provide me with a script, or show me how to, list all of the files that are backed up in a node. Running on aix platform.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help?
  2. TSM client backup taking long time to finish

    tsm backup tking long time to finish.

    we have configured the backup go to disk but it waiting for offline media at a instance .

    is it possible for backup to take other tape mgmt class even though it bind to disk class
  3. is TSM really the best?

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhtmv View Post
    So the boss now says to evaluate ANNUALLY all of what we use, and provide insight to other products, and why we do NOT use them. I just love micro-management. However, there are a few items with TSM that I have always wondered about. Please address these if you have a way to resolve them, or have found a workaround.

    1. When a node is backing up and I have to CANCEL SE for whatever reason: how to know (other than file property inspection or dsmsched.log browsing and guessing)
  4. V6.1.3 is out

  5. TCP Protocol Optimization and WAN Optimization

    In addition to some of the other technologies already discussed in other blog articles here, such as Byte Caching, Object Caching and Compression, TCP Protocol Optimization is another key technology used by WAN Optimization Appliances.

    What is Protocol Optimization?

    Protocol Optimization is the use of in-depth protocol knowledge to accelerate user response time. By understanding the intricacies of how specific protocols function, WAN Optimization appliances can anticipate ...
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