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  1. TCP Protocol Optimization and WAN Optimization

    In addition to some of the other technologies already discussed in other blog articles here, such as Byte Caching, Object Caching and Compression, TCP Protocol Optimization is another key technology used by WAN Optimization Appliances.

    What is Protocol Optimization?

    Protocol Optimization is the use of in-depth protocol knowledge to accelerate user response time. By understanding the intricacies of how specific protocols function, WAN Optimization appliances can anticipate ...
  2. WAN Optimization and Network Appliance SnapMirror

    Organizations collect vast amounts of information, and storing it all is only the first challenge in comprehensive data management. NetApp’s SnapMirror application is a popular choice to automate the backup, duplication and recovery of data to ensure availability in the event of a disaster or user error. Quite often, that involves replicating large amounts of data across a wide area network.

    WAN links, however, have higher latency and much less bandwidth than either a LAN or Fibre ...
  3. Compression Technology in WAN Optimization

    Another commonly used technology in WAN Optimization is Compression.

    What is Compression?

    Compression is the reduction in size of data by converting it to a format that requires fewer bits. Most often compression is used to minimize storage space (on a hard drive, for example) or for reducing transmitted data over a network. By reducing the size of data transferred, more bandwidth is available and transmission times are reduced.

    Why should I perform ...
  4. Byte Caching

    In our last post we talked about caching technologies in general and then focused on object caching. Now we'll do a drill down into byte caching.

    Where object caching falls short, byte caching takes over. Byte Caching caches TCP traffic
    irrespective of application level protocol, port, or IP address, on both ends of the WAN link.

    How byte caching works

    Typically two WAN Optimization appliances are deployed, one on each end of a WAN link. Both ...
  5. Caching and Compression – Key Complementary Technologies for Application Acceleration

    Caching and compression are two complimentary technologies that combine to minimize the amount of data that traverses the WAN, in a WAN Optimization solution. Working together, caching minimizes the transmission of duplicate data over the WAN while compression reduces the total amount of data to be transmitted.

    Caching and compression are two of the five technologies that Blue Coat uses to deliver its application acceleration framework. In this blog post we'll discuss two approaches ...
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